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The Beautillion Leadership, Mentorship, and Scholarship Militaire Program is a celebration of successes and achievements, an actualization of growth and maturity. This experience is a comprehensive approach to cultivating talents, unique in that it merges 21st century preparedness with timeworn rites of passage.


The Beautillion is an academic year long program designed to prepare young men, who are high school seniors, for college and subsequent life. Throughout the program the participants are required to attend weekly seminars on topics such as the following: Career Preparation, Etiquette, Financial Aid, Men's Health, Financial Management, Drug Awareness, and Public Speaking. These workshops result in building the self-esteem of these young men, affirming their capabilities, and charging them to live responsibly as "men" in their communities and homes.


This program is sponsored and produced by the Chesapeake-Virginia-Beach Achievement Foundation (CVBAF), a 501c-3 organization. The CVBAF is a charitable and educational non-profit with the mission of providing financial assistance through scholarships and leadership development training for qualified students.


Went on to attend college.


Joined the armed forces.


Students have participated

and received scholarships.

2023 Beautillion Militaire Virtual Presentation

Kappa Beautillion 2023
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To learn more about our Beautillion Militaire program and scholarships, click the button below.

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